We are a family owned and operated roofing company that works with transparency and integrity. Led by an owner and a superintendent with a combined 60 years experience in roofing and construction, our goal is to help clients make an educated decision about their roofing needs.

After we familiarize ourselves with the client’s goals, we help them understand their roofing system,then offer and explain our opinion of the best roofing solution to meet those goals. Our clients include not only individuals, but well known property management companies, the city of Deerfield Beach, LA Fitness Clubs in Dade and Broward county, commercial real estate investment companies, and condominium associations. We pride ourselves in being a “thinking man’s” roofing company.


We research the newest trends in the industry and test these “breakthroughs” before we offer them as solutions for our clients. Certainly, with our society’s new emphasis on green solutions, the roofing industry has been proactive in offering new, energy saving solutions. Reflective coatings, green roofs, and solar applications are becoming more and more prevalent.

These innovations are often accompanied by rebates. We are green roof and solar capable, but our experience in coatings pre-dates the green initiative. This separates us from many companies, since we’ve seen dozens of these products on hundreds of roofs and how they behave over years of exposure.


#1 in South Florida

For Roof Coating

We have been using available coating systems since our company’s inception 25 years ago. Coating and direct bond systems of today are unrivaled by their predecessors and have taken the roofing industry by storm, and we have been the number one applicator in the state of Florida for more than one manufacturer.

Flat Roof Restoration

Specializing in Commercial Roofing

Our specialty is restoring flat roofs that have reached the end of their serviceable life. Technology has allowed us to use state certified testing, moisture surveys, and bell-chamber tests, providing professional, accurate determination before we qualify roofs for our money saving restoration techniques.


25 Years of Experience

After thoroughly inspecting and testing, sometimes the results indicate that a roof clearly has no chance at being restored. In these cases, we will recommend re-roofing and are able to offer full service for any type of roof. Our customers testify for us that our workmanship and service are second to none.