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Project Description

Client:   Delphi Towers
Location:   Pompano Beach, FL
Surface Area: 14,200 sq
Year Completed:   2011

This roof was over 20 years old and the roofing system was comprised of modified membrane. There was a great deal of granular loss to the membrane surface as well as blistering, which is a trait of aging modified membrane. The roof had a few leaks, but nothing notable, so we decided to have a roof moisture survey performed. This survey would tell us if there was any underlying areas of the roof that were wet. We found minimal areas of saturation that could be code approved to have the Lucas 6000 Thermoplastic Roof System applied.

To date, not one leak and the Lucas 6000 System has performed with excellence in protecting the modified membrane and the roof deck for almost 10 years now. The roof will soon be ready to re-coat and receive another 10 or 15 year, renewable warranty from the R.M. Lucas Co.