Capri Roof

Project Description

Client: Capri E
Location: King’s Point – Delray Beach
Surface Area: 18,500 sf
Year Completed: 2014

Removing Original Roofing System

.Figure 1 The original gravel surfaced roofing system is being completely removed. Then, to meet current wood deck thickness requirements, an additional layer of wood is applied over the entire roof surface with wood screws every 6″ on center. The underside was also checked to make sure all the screws were attached to the rafters with no shiners or unattached screws.

Figure 2. Once the plywood deck was in place, a base sheet was nailed to the wood deck via tin-tag attachment.

Figure 3. Shows new modified membrane system installed in hot asphalt. Of course, the permieter metal needed installation, but you can see the perfect alignment of the rows. This assignment requires precise application techniques.

Black Seam Granule Application

Figure 4. This is a view of the finished roofing system complete with edge metal templates and white coating covering the bleed-out seams to hide or cover the exposed asphalt.

Specializing in Silicone Application

Covenant Services, Inc. specializes is this type of coating application. Re-roofing, leak detection and other repairs are routine work for a roofing company, but the Lucas system coating is a project for experienced roofers. Experience, diligence and attention to detail is a must for the long term success of the roof. While we have decades of experience in all manner of roofing projects, we have particular expertise in this method and results that have stood the test of time.