Project Description

Client:   Roberts Equities
Location:   Catalina Centre, Boynton Beach, FL
Surface Area: 92,500
Year Completed:   2012

Covenant Services, Inc. provided Lucas Thermoplastic coating services to Catalna Centre, located in Boynton Beach, Florida. Covenant Services was the first company to restore a gravel roof in Florida. The roof was constructed in 1987, and through our restoration process it still stands.

The Challenges

Michael Taylor, President of Covenant Services in Deerfield Beach, is excited about the roof he in­stalled at the Catalina Center in Boynton Beach. He explains, “From the moment it’s installed, the Lucas #6000 Thermoplastic Coating System will provide sig­nificant energy savings to the tenants.”

Taylor says the owner’s decision to have the new roof installed is nothing short of monumental and the first project of this scope in South Florida that is oc­curring over an active business. Michael explains, “There is a college here as well as businesses. To have this kind of activity on the roof not only creates a degree of noise, but you have the threat of roof leaks at all times. Keep in mind that we have taken the gravel off this 92,500 square-foot section, down to the roofing plies, and have kept it leak free during the re­cent rains. Needless to say the owners are extremely happy that their tenants have been taken care of with all precaution.”

Taylor says that his client, Tulepan Management, LLC, will save about half the cost of a conventional roof replacement. Eleven percent of that savings will come in the form of energy rebates for using the Lu­cas product. Taylor explains, “For our roof restoration, the

client is getting the initial installation and 10 years of roof maintenance that will be hundreds of thou­sands of dollars less than the one-time installation of a conventional system. Plus, he will be able to budget his roof expenditures for the next 20 years with fixed costs.”

Craig Tulepan, a principle at Tulepan Manage­ment, looks forward to retaining tenants during chal­lenging economic times by being able to offer them a 20-30% energy bill savings every month. Tulepan is able to demonstrate to current and future tenants that he is actively pursuing ideas that save them money.

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Before Covenant Services Inc

After Covenant Services, Inc.