Recommendation from Barry Levine, Piedmont I Condominiums, Kings Point

August 13, 2019

To: Michael Taylor, Covenant Services, Inc.

It’s my pleasure to thank you and recommend your company for the work you did on our building, Piedmont I. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with you along with the R.M. Lucas Co.

After interviewing 6 different roofing companies, I found that Lucas 8000 Silicone was the best product for our roof. You gave me a great deal of knowledge about your product. In fact, I submitted all the products the others companies were proposing along with Lucas 8000 Silicone to my daughter-in-law who is a chemical engineer. She found that the Lucas 8000 Silicone System was superior to any of the other products proposed. Lucas’ 15 Year Warranty, with ponding water coverage, is renewable for another 15 years with only a one coat application, is a great savings to us and we can now lower costs for re-roofing which saves each unit owner $30.00 per month !

I was up on the roof with your men and was pleased the way they worked and took care of our property during the application process. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend COVENANT SERVICES, INC., to apply the Lucas 8000 Silicone System on the buildings in Kings Point.

Please feel free to have your prospective customers contact me.

Best wishes,
Barry Levine
President – Piedmont I